"SIRDARYA BEANS EXPORT LLC" is a family business of Turaevs, founded by Turaev Farkhod and his son Turaev Zafar. Turaev Farkhod is responsible for production processes, Turaev Zafar is responsible for the sales and financial activities. Knowledge and experience in the international trade of Turaev Zafar will help you in solving all your tasks.

Our key advantages:

  • The processing plant of the company is located in the Sirdarya region, where grow best quality beans in Uzbekistan. It is not a secret that the main factor affecting on the quality of the product is the quality of the raw material.
  • Due to modern equipment from the leading companies in this industry like AKY Technology and Meyer, our company for the first time in the history of Uzbekistan exported green mung beans to countries such as South Korea, Sri Lanka, Poland and Qatar, as well as traditional markets such as China, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Iran etc.
  • Capacity of our processing plant - up to 50 MT per day, allows timely ship of orders to customers.
  • In our work we are guided not only by thoughts how to increase income or how to sell goods more expensive. The main emphasis is on the reputation and diversify buyers. After all, the more buyers, the more likely to sell the goods more.

We offer to our customers product that meet international standards, guarantee the quality, and of course, decency in the business partnership.